Philosophy of food

Our restaurants for every taste

Prices starting from 2500 RUB / night*

In our hotel, you can use the services of several restaurants for every taste.

In ourrestaurants, we have card payment, Wi-Fi access, business lunches, children’s room, an opportunity to watch sports broadcasts.

Fusion cuisine

Restaurant LIGHT TOUCH

Card payment, Wi-Fi, business lunch, average bill 1000 rubles, coffee-to-go, children’s room, sports broadcasts, breakfast. Cuisine: European, Russian, mixed.

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Russian cuisine

“Lukomorie” restaurant

Highly skilled chefs, ultramodern kitchen equipment, old Russian recipes. On the walls, you can see painted episodes from Russian fairy tales. In the center of the hall, there is a huge oak tree with a “golden” chain, along which day and night walks a learned cat, in branches there’s a mermaid sitting…